Mediteraanean Oil

Mediterranean Oil Services-FZCO


Mediterranean Oil Services-FZCO was incorporated in 2020 to serve the Oil and Gas Industry by providing special services and equipment to the companies in the Exploration of Oil and Gas in “a specific location”.

Mediterranean Oil Services-FZCO provides our clients with innovative products and services with an emphasis on quality, cost, and time. Our focus is on new technology solutions, customer satisfaction, and upholding the highest professional standards in the oil and gas industry.


To be the preferred and most trusted resources for the products and services that enhances oil & gas companies’ productivity.


Our strategy is to achieve long-term sustainable growth as a Oilfield Services Company by adding value to our customers’ operations with world-leading, highly differentiated products and services focused in Libya and globally to meet demand for Oil & Gas. We strive to be true partners with our global customers, helping them achieve greater success through our innovative and creative solutions to challenges.


As a company and as individuals we value:


Our strategic objectives are as follows:


Mediterranean Oil Services-FZCO prides itself on having a proactive, rigorous and responsible health, safety and environmental (HSE) program by adapting an approved HSE system. We are firmly committed to ensuring a safe, productive and incident free working environment for our employees. We believe in investing in our personnel through extensive training and education programs, following protective safety equipment requirements, and well established HSE practices.

Mediterranean Oil Services-FZCO aggressively pursues operational and environmental enhancements, while cultivating a corporate wide HSE mindset that encourages constant attention to safety and focuses on education, prevention, and continuous improvement.

Mediterranean Oil Services-FZCO strives to operate in a sustainable manner. Many aspects of our business contribute to corporate social responsibility (CSR). These include our commitment to health, safety, and the environment, technology development programs, and development of a diverse, inclusive workforce. It also encompasses our community involvement and commitment to being a responsible, legally compliant corporate citizen.

CSR is strongly supported by the Mediterranean Oil Services-FZCO corporate culture, whose core values are integrity, teamwork, performance and learning. Every day, we work together to promote safety and reduce the environmental impact of developing oil and natural gas. We contribute to the communities where we work and support local academic institutions and students. We also ensure that we run our business according to the highest ethical standards.

Technology fellows are an elite group of engineers chosen for their technical contributions to the company. As consultants to our executive management, they play a leading role in the development of our technology, and mentor our technical talent. These exceptional individuals have earned the esteem of their colleagues and the respect of management for their indispensable wisdom and counsel.